Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Project Life: Week 34

The Mom Creative

Opps forgot my keys after spending the night at my grandmothers. Just chillin on the porch waiting for someone else to get home!
Mom finally got her name posted on a winners board from one of the survey companies she works for
Picking the green beans, so yummy
Found a complete genealogy my grandfather completed
Keeping the kitties company, they get so lonely while my grandmother is away (cannot figure out how to flip this picture!!! Sorry!)
Enjoying a Frapp on the way home from work. . .or rather between morning shifts since I received a surprise phone call adding an extra shift to my schedule! 
Funeral service for my dad's Aunt Ruthie. . .I never really know how to document sad events

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  1. Sorry for your family's loss of Aunt Ruthie. I agree about not knowing how to document sad events. It always seems to stump me. What lovely tomatoes you grew (from your earlier post). I'm still waiting for mine to ripen. Congrats on your mom's win and finding that info on your ancestor.