Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Love Story

Hey its me again! Had a much better day and am anticipating a 4 day weekend ahead!!! But I really wanted to share some of my heart with ya'll tonight. As you know I am single, I mean as single as a girl can possibly be. And well let me be honest as I get older its not exactly where I had hoped to be by this point in my life. Nonetheless its where I am at and trying my best to be happy and learn as much as I can during this 'single' phase. I often tell people that I have no desire to be married and thats why I am still single. After all if they think I am happy being single than I won't have to deal with their pity or sarcasm. (cause that is how people always react to the older single gal in the room) But the truth is I DO have the desire to be married. As a matter of fact I cannot wait! But I have seen so many marriages fall apart and I do not want to be one more statistic because I rushed head first into something.

Lately I have begun reading the book When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy. Let me tell you I love that book! It has given me a totally new perspective on dealing with my singleness until that perfect moment when God brings someone into my life! And He will! God has a personal interest in ME and in my love life! If I could imagine a conversation with Him, He'd probably say something like, "I know you better than you know yourself, and I am perfectly able to bring this man into your life in My own time, in My own way. . .and I don't need your help!" And I know He has someone that will be just perfect for me, who will love me just the way that I am. And when His timing is right. . .well lets just say it will be awesome! God never does anything half-hearted and He longs to bless His children with the very best. All I have to do is trust Him and believe! Its that simple. And believe it or not that mindset and that kind of faith makes all the difference in the world. Who have thought?

And when I let my mind dwell on the fact that God has something (someone) far better for me than I could possibly imagine, that gives me goosebumps. God has given me a beautiful hope, because I have given Him the pen to my love story. I find that hope in the fact that at this precise moment He is preparing someone to perfectly match my life. (and you know what else: he is preparing me to be the perfect match for someone else!!!!!) Thats right! He is working this minute to have us both ready at the same time. How cool is that! Okay so maybe that is a really basic and simple thought, but I have never really looked at it that way before, so to me it was a whole new concept. One, I might add, that I am super excited to share. You know what else, the man that I will someday marry, he's alive and out there wandering around somewhere!!!!

I did a scrapbook page to celebrate my "single and waiting" status.

The journaling is the lyrics to Eric and Leslie Ludy's song Faithfully, kinda the theme song for the book. It reads "Tonight I saw a shooting star*made me wonder where you are*For years I have been dreaming of you*And I wonder if you're thinking of me too*In this world of cheap romance*And love that fades after the dance*They say that I'm a fool to wait for something more*How can I really love someone I've never seen before*I have longed for true love every day that I have lived*And I know real love is all about learning how to give*So I pray that God will bring you to me*And I pray you'll find me waiting faithfully*
faithfully i am yours from now until forever*Faithfully i will write, write you a love song with my life*Cause this kind of loves worth waiting for*no matter how long it takes i am yours*
Tonight I saw two lovers kiss*reminding me of my own loneliness*They say that I'm a fool to keep on praying for you*How can I give up pleasure for a dream that won't come true*but I will keep believing that God still has a plan*And though I cannot see you now, I know that he can*until I find you I'll be waiting faithfully*"

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  1. I never read that book, sorry to say. I did learn early in life around age 20 to start praying for my husband, even though I didn't have a clue who he was. So I did. And wouldn't you know, at the "on the shelf" age of 36 that boy finally showed up at my door. And the rest is happily ever after. Glad you read that book. Glad you made that layout. When people asked me why I wasn't married, I would always reply, "I haven't been asked." It hushed them up enough for me to slip away...