Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Praise the Lord!!

Last night was awesome, thanks to my friend Karyn. We have started getting together about once a week (or at least we try) to pray together and share the things that God has done in our lives. What a blessing it is to not only be able to share those things with someone, but also to be encouraged by what God is doing for others as well. Sometimes I tend to overlook or even take for granted the things that the Lord has done for me, but He seems to bring back my mind all those little things that I "brushed off" as we talk and share! We sure serve an awesome God!!!

Last night we had a "quiet time" together on Psalms 105. It is really neat the way God gets a passage stuck in your mind until there is nothing left to do but read it and let Him show you something. His revelatioon to me wasn't anything new that I had not heard before but it was a precious and personal reminder. "He is the Lord our God" (vs 7) He is the Lord MY God. What a cool thought! He is mine!

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  1. Great to have a prayer partner. What a blessing.