Monday, October 28, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #969-989

969. fresh lobster from Maine

970. a dad that will crack and get messy so I can try lobster

971. fun postcards (came from my uncle with the lobster because my dad's name is Bob!)

972. hot apple crisp, made just for my sister
973. a canceled level 3 clean at work
974. a merciful and forgiving God no matter how many times I mess up
975. the ease of crock pot meals
976. seeing the end of a project coming into sight
977. rewards for taking surveys
978. spending the day with my sister

979. Echinecea
980. borrowed jewelry
981. looking through old photos
982. God's never failing grace
983. taking fun, silly pictures and making tons of awesome memories

984. tickets from a friend that I can share with my sister
985. emails from an old coworker
986. hanging out with cousin Sharon at a Halloween car show

987. 10 minute journaling

988. reliving a vacation while working on my album
989. free enlargements

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  1. Free enlargements are definitely cool! Where'd you get that?