Monday, July 16, 2012

1000 gifts: #568-588

568. gratitude
569. chatting withe friends in the parking lot
570. a cool evening
571. spoiling my godsister

572. finding a parking spot and not getting lost in downtown West Chester
573. learning patience (driving with children!!)
574. Becca had an extra onion, that she bought for no reason, just when we needed one!
575. sloppy joe :)
576. scrapbooking with Savannah
577. Happy 7-11 day!
578. new stampin supplies
579. reviewing Bible verses for VBS with Savannah
580. did the grocery shopping for mom
581. hanging out with Uncle Rob

582. daisys

583. Nicole got saved
584. VBS closing program

585. good nights sleep (after sharing a bed with a 9 year old all week)
586. Rain!!
587. chick-fil-a milkshakes before dinner
588. mini power walk
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