Monday, July 2, 2012

1000 Gifts: #526-546

526. assurance of salvation
527. heels
528. helping out in the yard (getting to use power tools)
529. the awesome power of the Holy Spirit
530. a good sale
531. fresh sesame bagels
532. cool breeze blowing through the window
533. handmade cards
534. coffee flavored ice cream (especially on a warm evening)
535. fluffy white clouds in a bright blue sky
536. freshly cleaned bathroom
537. the ease of Becky Higgins products, I am using them not only for Project Life, but a heritage album!

538. teamwork
539. getting wet with the hose on a hot afternoon

540. the amazingness of a lightening storm
541. spending a weekday with my sister! (something that almost never happens)
542. the smile on a child's face just to see you
543. floats. . .doesn't get any better than that!

544. hugs from friends
545. gorgeous weather for tubing

546. aloe vera :)
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  1. I love how you notice the simple things. Great blessings and pictures this week. Tubing looks like so much fun. I've never done that on water. I've gone snow tubing but that was not so much fun as the snow shoot was iced over because it was so cold and I went tumbling head over heels and got hurt. Won't be doing that again, for sure. LOL

  2. Oh the fun of summer! I too love being in the water and coffee ice cream. Enjoyed reading your list today! Visiting from