Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday :)


I am thankful for a loving, caring God who gave His only begotton Son for ME!! The thought that I will spend all of eternity with Him amazes me. I am thankful that I was raised in a Christian home where I learned to have such faith. I hope that I never take that faith for granted~ it really makes a difference in my life.

I am thankful for the amazing beauty that He has created all around for us to enjoy each and every day!! This is an especially gorgeous time of year to admire His handiwork! I see His mighty hand everywhere I look!

amazing colors of a fall tree:

and a glimpse of a rainbow on a beutiful sunshiney morning:

"To be thankful for the faith to believe Christ's power and willingness to help, and to make a practical use of our belief, is a rare and precious gift. Let us be ever thankful if we have it. To be willing to come to Jesus as helpless, lost sinners, and to commit our souls into His hands is a mighty privilige. Let us ever bless God if this willingness is ours, for it is His gift. Such faith is better than all other gifts and knowledge in the world. Many a poor converted heathen, who knows nothing but that he is sick of sin, and trusts in Jesus, shall sit down in heaven, while many learned English scholars are rejected for evermore. Blessed indeed are those who believe!" ~J.C. Ryle
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