Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

So I've been doing some blog hopping this weekend looking for some inspiration. I've really only been posting every Saturday and Sunday with my weekend shots. I want to put more into my blog but I feel like I never really have anything to write about. Well I found a couple of motivating topics that I can start with! The first one being a day of Thanksgiving a week. Simple enough, I have plenty of things in my life to be thankful for, why not record them!

My Family

I am super thankful for my family. I love each and every one of them and should actually spend more time being thankful for them instead of complaining when they get on my nerves. They are after all the ones that I can count on NO MATTER WHAT!!! We have always been really close and I am extremely grateful for their constant love and support. I couldn't ask for anything more, except maybe a little brother, but I gave up trying for that a long time ago :) I believe that a person is nothing without their family. My family keeps me ground and pushes me to reach for the stars. They allow me to just be me without any judgment or criticism.

Praise God for my family and Thankful Tuesdays where I can take the time to be grateful for the things He has done in my life!
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