Thursday, October 14, 2010

I have a confession. . .

I am here to confess some things that you may not know about me. I think you all need to write your own confessions too… no. I am not a priest. But this could be interesting. Got the idea on a blog I saw, forgive me for forgetting the name!

- I am a born again Christian and love the Lord with all my heart

- I am very girlie! I love pink, and shoes, and shopping, and dressing up, and bows, you get the point.

-I love reality shows--Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, Bachelor

- I love blog comments, and wish I had more time to leave a comment on all of your blogs!

-I don't like children, used to but recently "grew out of it", i know I'm weird

-I am always early to things, I cannot stand being late even if its only a minute

-I do not like President Obama one bit

-I am a daddy's girl

-I love the smell of coffee brewing, but can't stand the taste of it

-I love to read but dread starting new books

-I buy a new necklace everytime I shop at JC Pennys

-I love to dance in the rain

-I love friends that I can be myself around. No holding back.

Well thats all for now. If you write a confessions post, let me know I am interested in reading them!! :)

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