Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Project Life 2014: week 26 & 27

Wow, not sure how I ended up getting so behind. After I returned from the most amazing missions trip ever, I ended up spending all my time training for my new position as manager! Anyway here is a look at week 26 and 27.

Week 26: Missions trip to the Philippines
Sunday: starting the week off with a mass evangelism
 Monday: lunch break with "team Love"
 Tuesday: visiting the principals office to begin our day at a local school
 Wednesday: taking pictures with the students
 Thursday: lunch break at the beach, Ingrid spoiled us!
 Friday: Stopping on the side of the mountain to take some group pictures
 Saturday: hanging out with team USA at the Mall of Asia, watching the sun set over Manilla Bay
 Week 27: Coming home and readjusting
Sunday: spending a 36 hour day traveling across time zones to get home
 Monday: a million missions trip notifications on facebook
 Tuesday: the weirdest coloring after a storm, plus a double rainbow
 Wednesday: keeping up with my 10 minute journaling, a habit I started in October!
 Thursday: driving to the Poconos for some payroll training
 Friday: dress like a cow day at Chick-fil-a
 Saturday: learning to text for the job. . .i've been so against it too :(

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