Saturday, September 3, 2011

Project Life: week 35

We experienced an almost 2 day blackout from Hurricane Irene, just ended up chillin by lamp light!

Finally bought some discs to download all my pictures

Just playing with the camera in the backyard, always something interesting to practice on.

Spent the night filling out a 6 page application for my interview in the morning.

Spent the day at the Baltimore Aquarium with Carrie and Mike. This is my all time favorite picture from the day!

This is Irene, the frog that blew in with the storm. She is currently residing in our backyard pond.

Carrie and I spent the day decorating a walker for my Uncle's 50th birthday party! Can't wait to see his face!!

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  1. Sorry about your Irene woes but I love your oil lamp. I have to get one of those. Nice pic at the aquarium.