Saturday, February 26, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 26

Assignment: "bromance"/ Best buds

For this assignment I wanted to feature my dad and his best bud Jimmy. (the 2 of the lefthand side of the photo) They have been friends for several years now and I've never really thought to photograph them. . . not really sure why. I am using an older photograph for now but definitely plan on getting an updated one. Shame I didn't know the assignment earlier, Jimmy was over 1st thing this morning! LOL! These 2 would do anything for each other and their families. Jimmy's the biggest "redneck" I have ever met but has a huge heart and is considered one of the family. You know when they're together there will be fun times all around!

Edited to add this new shot of the 2 of them working on their cars this afternoon:

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