Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unusual for me!

Okay so I really struggled with this one. I don't do alot of "unusual" things, so I really had to think hard for this. And I am not even totally convinced that my 4 would be considered unusual, but they are for me! The most unusal thing is definitely my pet spider, Stephen. He was just your average garden wolf spider. I kept him in a terrarium for about 2 years. I know its creepy for most, but I find spiders to be very fascinating creatures to watch and study. Secondly, was the eating of raw octopus while I was in Greece. This is VERY unusual for me since I am a pretty picky eater! I just had to try some of the traditional dishes. Third isn't necessarily unusal for me, but all my friends say it is an unusual thing to do so it made the list, the dissection of over 10 different animals! I've dissected a rat, fetal pig, cat, shark, turtle, bird, lobster, starfish, jellyfish, flounder, frog, just to name some that I actually remember! I was a boi major and I took zoology!! I must say I loved every minute of it. Its amazing the things you learn! Lastly, every time I visit a new state I stop and take a picture in front of the welcome sign. The funny thing is I get embarrassed every time I climb out of the car, "people must think I am crazy!!!" But sure enough as soon as I cross another state line I have to take another picture! So thats my unusual things that I have done! Thanks for an extra challenging topic Serene.

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Here is my tag. I guess it goes without saying that represents my pet :) I had fun coming up with this one!
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  1. Why Jenn, you have done some unusual things! I'm wondering "how does she do that?" when you fly into a new state? And, do you also get a picture in front of the country welcome signs? Love your sign in tag - very creative.

  2. I'd say that's a pretty good list of unusual things! Although the pictures of State signs doesn't sound so odd to me....must be a scrapbooker thing (and I also get a bit embarassed about taking those "odd" shots too!).
    While I'm sure that Stephen is a, um, charming spider, I personally prefer my furry pets to be of the canine or feline persuasion. I am officially doing my heebie-jeebie dance as I type. But good for you, taking on a creepy-crawly pet!

  3. What a great list, Jenn! I'd say those are some pretty unusual things. Whenever I go into a new state I try to snap a photo of the sign as we're going by.. doesn't usually work out. LOL

    I love your sign-in tag too! Cute idea.

  4. Great sign-in, Jenn. Very cute and clever. Nice list of unusual doings, too.

  5. Jenn I love it! These are unusual! Ahhh Greece how wonderful. Great job as always.

  6. Now that's a list Jenn of some mighty unusual stuff! I've never known anyone that had a pet spider! The striped paper just works perfect for this layout.
    The sign in tag is really cute and works perfect!
    I just love the ideas you come up with!