Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wall art project

So this was the picture I saw on the internet that got my creative juices flowing!

I began to gather great family pictures and searched for frames. Most I got at yard sales or thrift shops. I even got a few at Kohls (remember my great $0.21 purchase!) We painted a few and altered some others. I even ordered a canvas just to mix it up some.

I sized the wall space that I had available and randomly placed pictures in my mind! I was so excited!!

But the wall looked terrible. It had not been touched since we moved in 15 years ago. (and you know how hallways can get, everyone touches the wall. . . ) So we began the repainting process. Caulkinig all the cracks and old nail holes.

And then we were ready to paint!! Mind you this whole process was worked in around my dad's work schedule. . .I had NO idea what I was doing!! And I had never really painted a wall before!

It wasn't as hard as I thought, although I wasn't to crazy about the paint he had. It seemed kinda watery to me, but what do I know!

Those walls looked fantastic when we were done! They were so clean and bright!! Ready for some pictures!!

So I began laying out all the pictures/frames I had gathered on the living room floor to get a sense of what was going to go where, couldn't be putting in any extra holes in my nice new wall now could I? I was constantly measuring going back and forth between the wall and the floor to make sure I had everything figured out. But it wasn't entirely working!

Then I had an idea. . . I cut out each frame from old newspapers and adheres them to the wall with some sticky tack. Perfect! I had to rearrange several things but I had a workable plan!

So we began to hang the frames. Dad, of course, had every size nail and hanger that I needed and helped me to figure out how to use some of them. I am creative not technical :) Thank God for dads that are though, right?

I tried using a level to make them all perfectly straight and equally distanced, but then figured why bother that might take away from some of the whimsy of the whole look so ended up just using a ruler and a pencil (the way it was suggested to me to do it from the start, thanks dad!)

I have one more larger college frame to hang in the upper right hand corner and one smaller one underneath once I get in my next photo order, but overall even if I left it alone. . .I love it!! (crooked picture and all, although I am supposed to be getting some help to fix the hanger on it!)

What do you think? I know you all have been waiting for the finished project since you've been following along by my project life pictures of each step! Not quite as elaborate as the picture I started with, but isn't it just adorable? I know this picture isn't the greatest either. . .it's really a tricky spot to photograph, but I'll play with the camera and the angles and maybe get a better shot to show once I've added the last few frames. Anyway I hope you've enjoyed my wall art as much as I've enjoyed creating it. . .just wish I had more space :)
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  1. I love the finished project. What a great job you did. No doubt it was a lot of work but it looks fabulous.

  2. What an awesome wall!! Love this!
    I've got one something like it in my hall, but am wanting to re-do it, alter the frames and funk it up a bit!
    I'm sure everyone loves your wall art!!

  3. Good idea with the newspapers! I love your wall.. your (and your dad's :) ) hard work paid off!