Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Life: the Living room

This was another idea by Becky Higgins that I just had to try. . . To take 2 minutes in one room and photograph the "real life"around you. Life as its happening! These are the little piece of my family's life that surround us each and every day!

This is a cross-stitch project I made for my mom years ago, it still sits on the coffee table in the living room.

Our recharageable Wii remotes tucked into the corner, our family loves to play games. As a matter of fact ever other Saturday night is game night. I love hanging out with my family.

"Emerson", he's part of the family. he hangs out on the sofa. He was given to my parents as a joke but we all fell in love with him :)

My day bag, filled with any current projects I am working on, ready for me grab and go

Dad's corner. . .of course it includes all of the tv remotes. He's your typical channel surfer!

the top of the mantle where we display all the old family photos. . . you know the ones you just can't bear to update or replace. The plate in the middle was one my grandfather painted before he passed away. So many memories linger on that mantle.

the family computer is also tucked away in the corner of the living room, a very popular spot as we each scramble for our time.

my sister's table by the door for all her "stuff" Even when she overflows it with her stuff and it drives me totally crazy, I just remind myself thats her space!

the lamp my dad made when I was younger, he even entered it into a contest (placed 2nd!) i love having things around that remind me of my childhood days.

My sister's daily mess, it always changes, but it is always there. This particular mess is a result of her hemming several pairs of work pants. Its actually kinda neat the story that can be told by snapping a shot of her little collection of things gathered thru the week and placed there. Another section that drives me crazy but thats just a part of who she is and I just love her to pieces!!

running shoes that never seem to make it back to the closet since they are used so frequently. We have a daily schedule now that the weather is warmer to walk/jog 2 miles. Not a lot but at least we're out there movig around soaking up the last remaing rays of the day.

My LOST collection tucked neatly behind some photobooks we have on display. I just love making those books for the family and enjoy watching them as they frequently flip thru them. Thats part of the reason I love being the one who documents of life and memories each day.

a stack of DVDs Mike (my sister's bf) brought over for my dad to watch, they always seem to enjoy the same movies. Every once in awhile one will show up in the stack that is a "girlie" movie for us to watch. The movies always get watched but the pile never seems to shrink!

So that's a tiny 2 minute glimpse into our "everyday" life. The living room is definitely the most lived in room thus the random piles of stuff and "junk",But its also the most homey room :) Thanks for hanging out with me for a little while!!

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