Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 weekends, 4 shots (weeks 7 & 8)

Since I've been away for 2 weeks, I have a little catching up to do with my one weekend project. All of my pictures are trip related and very "common place" to all our family vacations; game nights, wildlife, long days outdoors, and traveling.

Saturday, August 7:
This year Sorry seemed to be the game of choice. My 9 year old cousin brought it along and it managed to find its way to the table several evenings during some of our down time!

Sunday, August 8:
Turtles! They were everywhere! Especially around our campsite and several of the beach areas we visited.

Saturday, August 14:
A beautiful evening sunset in Ocean City, NJ. I snapped this shot last night from the boardwalk. The colors were so bright and radiant!

Sunday, August 15:
Traveling all day long to get home. This was pretty much the scenery for my day.
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  1. Terrific shot of the Sorry board. I don't remember ours being quite that shiny! You've captured wonderful memories of your weekend in this variety of photos. They should make a really nice LO!