Monday, May 3, 2010

Four things I miss while I'm away, the topic for Lisa's cj page, was one that I really had to think about.I thought it would be easy, I mean what do I miss?Simple question really. But I had no idea what to say at first!But after some thought this is what I came up with: My bed adn pillows. I can never quite get comfortable in a hotel or a guest room somewhere. I need my own bed to get a full good nights sleep! There is something I find comforting about falling asleep in my own bed! I fully began to appreciate that after spending several weeks away from home in Europe and Asia!! Same thing goes for my shower/ bathroom. There is some sort of comfort level about being in your own shower, at least for me anyway.I also miss my neighbours when I go away. Most of them happen to be good friends. And finally I miss my homemade apple tea. Even when I make some to take with me, its just not the same as sipping a freshly made glass out back at the picnic table. Mmm!!!

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  1. The true comforts of home are the toughest to leave, aren't they? Nice layout, love the mirror image effect!

  2. Love the way you designed your layout! Cute title too. Mmm.. apple tea.. sounds good!

  3. Your neighbors do look like fun and I'd miss them too! And what a comfy bed! You did a great job on this LO.

  4. Apple tea? I'd like to try some of that. Good choices and great job on the los. I like those letters.