Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love summer

Why do I love summer? Immediately I thought because I love the sun and I love being outdoors. But my 3 absolute favorite reasons for loving summer: I love camping, building campfires, making s'mores!! I love eating fresh veggies right out of our garden. Store bought just doesn't taste the same! I long for summer all winter long so I can pick and eat the food from the garden, cucumbers and tomatoes are my favorites!! I also love walking around in my barefeet! I love the feel of the grass under my feet or the sand between my toes! I have never been much of a shoe person at all, so summer is perfect! This was an easy topic for me because I just love everything about summer!!!!

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  1. Great los, Jenn. The colors go so well together and I really like how you have them hanging. Nice touch!

  2. Very cute! Love all the little details!

  3. Awesome, great colors, it absolutely says just what the subject is! Great job :)

  4. Great summer things to love....and the dangly summery stickers are so cute!

  5. Great layout Jenn. I love how you've got the little inchies/twinchies dangling. You come up with some of the coolest ideas! Great color choice.