Monday, February 15, 2010


Okay so I should be posting my pages for Kathi's CJ, however, due to the double blizzards we have had here in PA. My pictures were not delivered and I am completely out of adhesive!! We got about 2 feet per storm and it is snowing again as I sit here typing. Our front yard has mountains about 6 feet high from all the shoveling! I will be seeing snow well into May at this rate! Below I thought I'd share some pictures of what all the snow looks like!
Thats my sister attempting to shovel out between blizzards. At least we all got a good workout! The only problem is until it starts melting we have nowhere else to put it! Anyone want some???

Below you can really see how deep it was as it almost buried my car! Normally I can't stand the snow, but this time I got 2 snow days and was able to "play". Snowman and igloos and snowball fights. I was absolutely loving it!!!

Hopefully it'll start clearing up so I can get my pictures and venture out to Micheals for some supplies. I'll get the next layout posted as soon as I can! At least I already have my 3 things I must have when traveling so all I have to do is put the page together!
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  1. Oh my goodness - that is a LOT of snow! I'm blessed to live in Texas. 12.5 inches in one day is our record; set just last week. The snow is pretty until it starts melting. However, you can keep it. Stay warm!

  2. Holy snow! That's pretty impressive! Hope it stops for you soon.
    We're still waiting for our big snowfall of the season....seems it all got sent to TX and OK!

  3. Wow Jenn! Definitely lots of snow! Glad you got a couple of snow days, I'm sure it was fun! :)

  4. Wow, what a snowball fight that must have been! My husband would have been in heaven using his snow blower with that white stuff.